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Divorce Lyrics by 070 Shake
Divorce Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Divorce By 070 Shake?

Why'd you ever say you wanna?
(Ohh, oh)
Leave me
(Ohh, ohh, oh)
Only see you in the morning
(Ohh, oh) Oh

Fun is kinda coming late for summer
Every day you run away from something
But you don't know just why you hate this someone
But you were no one

You Spilled your wine
See both sides
Trade this ring
For peace inside
In plain site
Waiving my arms
Heaven's alright
Bones is soil
Face your fears
And face the truth
Me and you
We were one
That was once
But now we're two (why'd you ever say you wanna?)

Me and you
We were one
That was once
Now we're two
Played along
All along
We both did things
We knew were wrong
Leave me

(Think we need a, we need a divorce)
We might need a divorce
Only see you in the morning
(Ohh, oh) Oh

Who Wrote Divorce By 070 Shake?

Danielle Balbuena, David Hamelin, Mike Dean

What's The Duration Of The Divorce By 070 Shake?

The duration of Divorce is 3:39 minutes and seconds.

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