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So Alone

So Alone Lyrics by 100 Demons
So Alone Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For So Alone By 100 Demons?

Can't live without you you're my saving grace
You helped me keep my sanity
When I was struggling you were by my side
You helped me face reality
The lust I had for you nearly drove me insane
I managed to walk away but doubt I'll ever be the same
You are my one true love for now and forever
And when I have you in my arms can't feel the pain I'm still bitter
I feel so alone, you've sucked the life out of me
I'm already dead I just don't know it yet
Because you stole my heart a love I can't forget
Slowly dying when will I go
I wish I was dead I feel so alone
Your just a memory a twist of fate from god above
When I lie awake at night it's you I crave, it's you I love
The pain it burns inside I suffer everyday
Still alive wishing I was dead like christ at the stake

Who Wrote So Alone By 100 Demons?

Tony Nicholas, Gerald Levert, Edward Banks Jr., Joe N Iii Little

What's The Duration Of The So Alone By 100 Demons?

The duration of So Alone is 2:19 minutes and seconds.

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