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In My Head

In My Head Lyrics by 12 Stones
In My Head Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For In My Head By 12 Stones?

I'm reaching out without a sound
My pride falls to the floor again
Inside my mind I search to find
A place just to call my own

Deep inside your eyes
I am blinded by your love
Still I run so far just to find that
I'm alone again

In my head
I hear you calling me
And I can't run â??cause there's nothing left for me
When I fall you always follow me deep inside
Deep inside
Deep inside of my head

I just can't last as these feelings pass
Once again I hide the pain inside
The smile wears thin and the lies begin
To bring me down again

When I run I run so far away from you
I hide the pain and all the lies deep inside again
And all my faith I put in you
This time you take it all away

Inside my head

Deep inside
My head

Who Wrote In My Head By 12 Stones?

Eric Weaver, Anthony Mccoy, Kevin W Dorr, Patrick Quave

What's The Duration Of The In My Head By 12 Stones?

The duration of In My Head is 3:54 minutes and seconds.

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