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LA Lyrics by 2 High
LA Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For LA By 2 High?

West Coast what
This shit right here homie
Shit right here
Straight west coasting
West west Coast coast coast
Go hard

[Chorus: x2]
Switch one (switch one) raise it up
Switch two (switch two) make the back end up
Switch three (switch three) work it side to side
Switch four (switch four) make it a [? ] ride
Ya heard me

I just touched down at this LAX
I'm looking for these girls on this LAX
Trying to find them niggas with that LA best
Dodging them niggas with that LA Stress
See I'm a visitor I'm a LA guest
I got to be aware on how the LA dress
'Cause if it comes down I might get LA stretched
I ain't trying to be a trophy on no LA desk
Some niggas walk up tossing LA sets
I guess this supposed to be some type of LA test
Better watch the girls with the LA chest
A lot of plastic in those LA breasts
I hit the Crenshaw where they LA stunt
Seen a lot of sixty four's and LA trucks
Seen a lot of girls with them LA butts
A lot of niggas with them dickies and chucks (ya feel me)


Yo I spend a lot of time on this LA coast
Out here trying to do the LA most
Chauffeur driven Phantom like a LA ghost
In the back with a drink take a LA toast
I spend a lot of time in them LA heels
With them models actresses and them LA heels
To my lawyers office for a LA deal
Cut the check for some LA kneels
Now I'm off to Rodeo just to LA shop
Still getting dirty looks from some LA cops
You than thought since Rodney King LA stopped
When they burn the LA watts
I send a lot of love to my LA brothers
My Latinos and my Negroes in them LA colors
My blessings go out to those LA mothers
Know that Nelly is an LA lover


Guess who just stepped in the place (the Midwest)
It's your OG homie Nate (all day)
My homie snoop and Nelly (La)
And we all up in your face (all day)
Different questions everyday (the Midwest)
I got my answer in my way (all day)
Yeah they all got something to say (LA)
From St. Louis to La (all day)


Who Wrote LA By 2 High?

Theron Otis Feemster, Cornell Haynes, Nathaniel D. Hale, Cordozar Calvin Broadus

What's The Duration Of The LA By 2 High?

The duration of LA is 4:05 minutes and seconds.

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