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Pimpin' Ain't Easy

Pimpin' Ain't Easy Lyrics by 4-U-2-Know
Pimpin' Ain't Easy Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Pimpin' Ain't Easy By 4-U-2-Know?

Finally got ourselves together
You ain't on, too damn cold
And we're pimpin' it
Pimpin' ain't easy for a lady
So we do what we gotta do
'Cause we're II Tru to it

I've been really tryin' to pimp so strong
'Cause I know pimps comin'
Swingin' on the scene, and now
But we gotta stop, it don't matter
Just keep it wild, so just pimp it on
I said just pimp it on

Mama gave me free game
Long before was I was true
Break Jhaz? Never, back it up
And break yourself, fool
Play my hand the tightest
Had this nigga think he bawlin'
(You ain't bawlin', you ain't bawlin')
Pinnin' never, yo
This Jhaz doin' the shot-callin'
People tendin' to think that
Women only gettin' tricked
It's ninety-eight why'all
And women out here now as pimps
Every women knows all men carry egos
Number one reason why they ass
So susceptible, feel me though
Make him think he all that, in fact
Use your talent: every woman born knowin' how to act
Female macks (female mackin')
Just tell this nigga what to do
Play it off like it's a question
At the end of it say, "Boo, I love you, too."
When I get through
why'all best believe we violent
'Til he break hisself, dog
Pimpin' ain't easy

Pimpin' ain't easy for a lady
But we do what we gotta do
'Cause we're II Tru to it

See, only the strong survive in this game
You gotta be...

Pimpin' ain't never been easy
For a lady until you met this new breed
Ain't takin' no shorts from these chumps
Make playas follow my lead
Got money to make with no intentions on settlin' for broke
Commitments from cluckers, countin' my riches
Call me 'Brina, pimpin' this bitch
Brothers gon' splurge on his last piece cash
He got (that's right) in his pockets
Keep bustin', but best believe no strings attached
So my ass gonna clock a sack
And stay by bein' in charge
I'm a play my cards to my advantage
Pimp niggas run the game and leave room
For me to use your scant-ass
You gonna treat me like a lady? (That's right)
The question is: is you gon' pay me?
You could front for ya balls
In reality we makin' babies
That's shadspspeecghey, knowin' behind doors
Only thing we do is sit and trip
Never once with that speech
Can we kick it on me, you're 'bout to hit
This pimpin' ain't easy, but I'm all about it
Straight pickin', keep clockin' so I'm strong
Better bring me all my damn money

Pimpin' ain't easy for a lady
But we do what we gotta do
'Cause we're II Tru to it

If you didn't know
There's two pimps on the scene for sure
And they pimpin' on
I say they pimpin' strong
II Tru pimpin' on

Pimpin' never easy for a woman
It gets worse these knuckle-head-ass niggas
Only make my job the tougher;
Boy, you's a worker
So don't act funny 'bout my cash
Bring it home to mama
Before I eighty-six that ass, and do it fast
Don't play me like you didn't know
You's a male hood rat
How could you ever be my ho?
Really, though, I know
You thought you had me in a trance...

Goin' all out to please me
And want to be the one to get the pants
Understand: what's yours is mine
And what's mine and mine
Ain't got no time to settle down
Before you know it, I'm dippin' outta town
It'd be lyin' if it ain't about the money
Call me a gold digger
Don't be caught sleepin' try to run game on me, sonny
Pimps act is: attract niggas to females
But the catch is reverse roles
Keep male hoes on they toes in 'Brina's pimp biz

[4-you-2-Know] (MT5)
Finally got ourselves together
(Come on, come on, just pimpin' on, pimpin' on)
You ain't on, too damn cold
(Just pimpin' on, just pimpin' on
We goin' strong, we just pimpin' on)
And we're pimpin' it
Pimpin' ain't easy for a lady
(Come on, II Tru, pimpin' it on)
But we do what we gotta do
(They just pimpin' on)
'Cause we're II Tru to it
(II Tru comin' in and pimpin' it on)

Who Wrote Pimpin' Ain't Easy By 4-U-2-Know?

Ed Townsend, Marvin Gaye, Marvin P Gaye

What's The Duration Of The Pimpin' Ain't Easy By 4-U-2-Know?

The duration of Pimpin' Ain't Easy is 3:35 minutes and seconds.

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