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Baby Ran

Baby Ran Lyrics by 54-40
Baby Ran Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Baby Ran By 54-40?

Well I won't come back
And I won't say no
But that means the circle around us
Will cut a little lower like you said
One play near
You seem so surprised
Least inside you get that
Pretty little nightmare it comes alive

Baby ran she ran away
Why she ran I got to say
I'm lonesome all the time
Baby ran she ran away
Why she ran I got to say
I know one reason why.

Well each time I see you
So far away
A love letter worry that tells me
I'm all right all right
Here am I
Who chose to ride
Pass me wondering whether I got a job
But it's alright until one day

Who Wrote Baby Ran By 54-40?

Brad Merritt, D Neudorf, Neil Osborne, Phil Comparelli

What's The Duration Of The Baby Ran By 54-40?

The duration of Baby Ran is 4:34 minutes and seconds.

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