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Daisy Lyrics by 54-40
Daisy Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Daisy By 54-40?

To give or to have now
That is the question is it mind over matter
Or a matter of time to thine own self be
True now is that a religion? if I don't
Know the answer I find it by digging my...
Daisy love me daisy love me, love me not
Love me, love me not
Can we get along should we even try?
Would it kill the message if the messenger lied?
Are we tripping too high are we miles behind?
I'm blinded to the future but I'm guided by
The vision of...
Daisy love me daisy love me, love me not who's
Minding the garden now?
Fall on your face that would make me laugh
But is a joke just a joke or hate with a mask?
To be conscious of life and that the miracle
Dies I'll always be going 'til the day
I'm pushing up...

Who Wrote Daisy By 54-40?

Comparelli, Johnson, Merritt, Osborne, Brad Merritt, Matt Johnson, Neil Osborne, Phil Comparelli

What's The Duration Of The Daisy By 54-40?

The duration of Daisy is 3:48 minutes and seconds.

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