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Grace and Beauty

Grace and Beauty Lyrics by 54-40
Grace and Beauty Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Grace and Beauty By 54-40?

Words in our hand
We got the plan
Destroy all mankind
Don't be a friend of mine around

Princess and clown
Leaving town
They got a special special trick
Gonna get the whole thing licked

Some of the stories that they heard on our side
Affect the spirit not the mind
Way more ties it's magnified
Twenty times twenty lies

It's not the sadness it's the gladness
It's just this madness I see
Grace and beauty ain't what it could be
I think what it should be

Is free
If we hold enough they will welcome us
Will they give us a surprise
Loving every minute of life

No one's afraid to tell you lies

Who Wrote Grace and Beauty By 54-40?

Brad Merritt, D Neudorf, Neil Osborne, Phil Comparelli

What's The Duration Of The Grace and Beauty By 54-40?

The duration of Grace and Beauty is 2:58 minutes and seconds.

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