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Dive In

Dive In Lyrics by All About Eve
Dive In Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Dive In By All About Eve?

I'd learn to fly
I'd learn to swim
I see the sky and I want to dive in
I'd learn to dance
But I've got two left feet
And I won't get to fly
Friend of mine you took me to the side
And delivered a truth that could not be denied
He said "you've got to cover your views
When next to you they were the life and soul of the party"
A footstep ahead I said "I'm already dead
To the joys the world gives the average girl"
So why should I care if I let myself down?
When I should be ahead
I'd learn to fly...
We say (we) get anywhere at speed
Is the lower it gets to get past my answer machine
They know that in the sea air is nobody
And the wind can't hurt you
See all of the (tenderness)
When the truth is I've learned not to
Talk to anybody you've heard
To say "aha then" well I don't know
Will you change my shoes ?
I didn't think so.
I'd learn to fly...
And in my head I got wings I got motion...
I got it all

Who Wrote Dive In By All About Eve?

Andy Cousin, Julianne Regan, Mark Price, Marty Wilson-piper

What's The Duration Of The Dive In By All About Eve?

The duration of Dive In is 4:10 minutes and seconds.

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