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Chick Fit

Chick Fit Lyrics by All Saints
Chick Fit Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Chick Fit By All Saints?

Boy I can't stand your heat
Got me lying awake
I haven't eaten all week
Got me obsessing all day
Oh what you done to me
Can't stop calling your name
Check me I'm acting all weird

All my girls say boy I'm totally gone
Acting crazy I don't know what I'm on
It's not easy tryin' to put on a front
Baby I'm speechless I don't know what you've done

Boy whenever you call my stomach's in bits
I can't focus at all you got me twisted
I live for that talk when you call me your chick
Just so all the girls know I gotcha for keeps
My coolness is blown I need my fix
In a matter of days I'm not myself
I'm all over the place I get a chick fit
When I hear your name I totally flip

Boy you're too hot for me
Can't stop melting away
When I see you I can't speak
Switching when I see your face
Acting like I'm a teen
Waiting outside your place
Boy this is really not me



Completely lost my mind
Somethings taken over me
Boy you're one of a kind
Just how a man's supposed to be
Acting like I'm a teen
Calling you every day
Boy this is really not me


[Chorus: x2]

Who Wrote Chick Fit By All Saints?

Shaznay Lewis, Rick Nowels

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