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Bye Bye Blumberg

Bye Bye Blumberg Lyrics by Allan Sherman
Bye Bye Blumberg Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Bye Bye Blumberg By Allan Sherman?

My name is Charlie Blumberg
And I travel everywhere
'Cause I'm a traveling salesman,
So I fly from here to there
In every town I visit
Folks must think I'm really swell
'Cause every time I leave a town,
I get a fond farewell

Every time I fly away,
People cry, and they say,
"Bye bye, Blumberg"

It's a shame I have to go,
Seeing as how they miss me so
Bye bye, Blumberg

Once I took a trip with Irving Cohen
No one even noticed he was goin'
Me they smashed across the head,
With champagne, and they said,
"Blumberg, bye bye"

Packed my Playboy magazine,
Drip-dry shirt and Dramamine
It's bye bye, Blumberg

All night I'm like Don Juan,
But sorry, girls, I fly at dawn
Bye bye, Blumberg

The stewardess says, "Fasten safety belt, sir"
Then she serves me coffee, tea, or seltzer
And each night when I retire, the Mormon Tabernacle choir sings
"Blumberg, bye bye"

I was in Cambodia
They don't say hello to you,
Just "bye bye, Blumberg"

In the archipelagoes,
No matter where a fella goes,
Bye bye, Blumberg

Even in Arabia when I fly by,
Abdul Nasser stands there waving bye bye
And you'll see when I'm really gone,
In neon lights at Forest Lawn,
"Blumberg, bye bye"

Beloved Blumberg,
Oh Blumberg,
Ah bye bye

Look up in the sky!
You will find a Blumberg of Happiness!

Who Wrote Bye Bye Blumberg By Allan Sherman?

Allan Sherman

What's The Duration Of The Bye Bye Blumberg By Allan Sherman?

The duration of Bye Bye Blumberg is 3:06 minutes and seconds.

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