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Chim Chim Cheree

Chim Chim Cheree Lyrics by Allan Sherman
Chim Chim Cheree Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Chim Chim Cheree By Allan Sherman?

Chim chiminey, chim chiminey, chim-chim-cheree
Those are three words that don't make sense to me
But I'm used to words that don't make sense to me,
From all those commercials I see on TV
When I see an ad that can't be understood
I know that the product has got to be good
Those words may be crazy, but I think they're great,
Like sodium acetylsalicylate
(Sodium acetylsalicylate)

I wake up each morning a most happy man,
I cover my Pic-O-Pay with Fluoristan
I add Hexachlorophene, 'cause it's so pure,
And then GL-70, just to make sure
Then I take a shower, but never alone
I'm in there with Dermasil and Silicone
I brush Vitrol-D on my Lanolin wave,
And I sharpen my Boo-boop, and use it to shave
(He sharpens his Boo-boop, and that's how he shaves)

There's Tufsyn, and Retsyn, and Acrylan too,
And Marfac and Melmac and what else is new?
There's Orlon and Korlan, and there's Accutron,
And Teflon, and Ban-Lon, and so on and on
These wonderful words spin around in my brain
Each one is a mystery I cannot explain
Like what does that Blue Magic whitener do --
Does it make blue things white, or make white things blue?
(His blue things are white, and his white things are blue)

My Fastback has Wide-Track and Autronic Eye,
Which winks when a cute little Volvo goes by
My tank full of Platformate starts with a roar,
But when I try to stop, it goes two miles more
I measure my breathing with my Nasograph,
It's nice, but oh my, how it hurts when I laugh
My chair is upholstered in real Naugahyde
When they killed that nauga, I sat down and cried
(He moved to Chicago when that nauga died)

I'm giving a party next Saturday night
And here are the friends that I'm going to invite:
The giant who lives in my washing machine,
That other nice giant, who's jolly and green
The tiger who causes my gas tank to flood,
That handsome white knight who is stronger than crud
The man with the eyepatch, who sells me my shirts
And that nut who flies into the front seat for Hertz
(That daring young nut who goes flying for Hertz)

I've lived all my life in this weird wonderland
I keep buying things that I don't understand,
'Cause they promise me miracles, magic, and hope,
But, somehow, it always turns out to be soap
And they might as well be Chim-Chiminey Cheree
(Those words all could be Chim-Chiminey Cheree)

Who Wrote Chim Chim Cheree By Allan Sherman?

Richard M. Sherman, Robert B. Sherman

What's The Duration Of The Chim Chim Cheree By Allan Sherman?

The duration of Chim Chim Cheree is 3:35 minutes and seconds.

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