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Atmosphere Lyrics by Allday
Atmosphere Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Atmosphere By Allday?

It's Friday, what could go wrong?
A couple drinks and now we're in emotion
I feel the devil winds blowing so warm
You piss me off so I just
Turn my phone off

I drink a little too much too much
You know I'm cutting down since you asked
You smoke a little too much and lose touch
I know you're cutting down as soon as school starts

Yeah, I know, things were getting heavy
Like bazooka
Things were getting heavy but we got through it
I've been going crazy many manoeuvres
There's no separation
This is our future

And I aim for the stars
And hit the tree tops
But you're not the one I want like
It's the Grease song
And I've been gaining insight now
I see more
I could be better than I been for ya,
Than I been for ya

I'm to blame for this atmosphere
I'm to blame for the hurt and tears
I'm sorry you know I'm here
I'm sorry I'd no idea

It's Friday, what could go wrong?
A couple drinks now we're in emotion
We've had some problems, baby
Life goes on
You either stick together or you float on

I play my songs in a rum soaked bar
Your friends tell you that I ain't no star
I can't turn around I've come so far
Don't let the lonely feelings undo us

While you go to a party on a train and a bus and you won't reply
It puts an ache in my heart
We're a first edition no replacin' these parts
You were never on hold
I was straight from the start

But I been holding you to silly standard
You don't wanna leave me here abandoned
I know it hasn't gone the way we planned it and I'm the first to admit it

Do you still believe that anything can happen?
Going round in circles like the rings of Saturn
Do you still believe
Don't wanna see a pattern
Going round in circles like the rings of Saturn, and I know, know

Who Wrote Atmosphere By Allday?

Chloe Kaul, Simon Lam, Tomas Gaynor

What's The Duration Of The Atmosphere By Allday?

The duration of Atmosphere is 3:29 minutes and seconds.

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