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Fantastic Dream

Fantastic Dream Lyrics by Alphaville
Fantastic Dream Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Fantastic Dream By Alphaville?

Hello today
Open your eyes
The snow is falling just like leaves
Aquarian warriors rebuild the ship
Mr rainbow is gone

Hello my love
Here's to your heart
Unfold the lillies in the deep
The season's over, the shores are sealed

Now ashen roses rain on the fields
Innocent dreamers, look what you've done
Now it's time for the phoenix to fly
Hello today

Wake to the dawn
To meet the guardians of the isles
The valient captains will rule the seas till the comets return
Hello my love
Here's to your heart
Release that dream into the world

Join in the air race, leaving tonight
How does it feel to follow the light
Beautiful dreamer, it's up to you
If we glide through the glamour of love

We believe in our dreams
Reaching out for above
We believe in our dreams
Reaching out for love

Who Wrote Fantastic Dream By Alphaville?

Bernard Lloyd, Marian Gold, Ricky Echolette

What's The Duration Of The Fantastic Dream By Alphaville?

The duration of Fantastic Dream is 3:57 minutes and seconds.

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