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Helpless [Monster Mix]

Helpless [Monster Mix] Lyrics by Aruna
Helpless [Monster Mix] Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Helpless [Monster Mix] By Aruna?

I don't know where to turn
I feel the empty space
The cold around my face and
I turn to stone

Now the midnight fires burn
And in this sultry light
I feel the force of night
It pulls me home

'Cause it's too late now
To shake it off somehow
There's nowhere to turn around
I'm already in too far

You're a loaded gun
I know I can't outrun
So if my time has come
Then show me who you are

It's a dark night
But love will break my fall
And you can have it all
I'm yours right here and now

So breathe in
And bind me to your side
There's no escape tonight
I'm helpless, take me down

Call my name
Lead me to the flame
I'm crossing through, into you
You're all I want

Sing my song
I'm right where I belong
Chasing light, taking flight
Turning on

What's The Duration Of The Helpless [Monster Mix] By Aruna?

The duration of Helpless [Monster Mix] is 8:58 minutes and seconds.

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