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Let Go

Let Go Lyrics by Aruna
Let Go Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Let Go By Aruna?

Kill the lights
I'm fading tonight
I don't wanna be here
You got me tongue-tied
Losing my mind
Every time that you're near
You know its over, we're just wasting time
In search of happy days you know we'll never find

For love, I fought, I've waited
All that I had inside, I gave it
Tried to believe, in time, I'd save it
Sometimes the truth is hard to take
There's nothing to do but walk away

Let go
Let go
Let go
Let go
Let go.

Who Wrote Let Go By Aruna?

Aruna Beth N Abrams, Mark N Eteson, David Nathan Parkinson

What's The Duration Of The Let Go By Aruna?

The duration of Let Go is 4:47 minutes and seconds.

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