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Bluntness Lyrics by Asgaroth
Bluntness Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Bluntness By Asgaroth?

There's no heart in no faint solution
There's no last, just a pulse that again now fades away
Bereavements? no third nor fifth repetition
(the odds and evens of a present pain)

Beneath a cortex to please the pleasant
It's this step down I built
Ruled in self rules
It's your lifetime's point
The stage in a blissful pain,
Just a stage

Recall your cyphered bluntness,
For which you were meant to please.
Dragged out by a milliard thoughts,
It took your time to turn to me.
All in all, all's to be lost,
To travel down within the coil.
Frailty, misconception,
A lost strifle in a season's end.

It took your time to turn to me.

Who Wrote Bluntness By Asgaroth?

Christopher Baque Wildman

What's The Duration Of The Bluntness By Asgaroth?

The duration of Bluntness is 6:11 minutes and seconds.

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