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Summer Lyrics by Asia
Summer Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Summer By Asia?

Her fingers feel the air
The mantle now so bare
From green then into brown
Lie scattered all around
We hope they will return
Like those before did learn
Now that their summer's gone
We have to carry on
Till we rise, I just can't wait
Now tell me, who are you
To judge my fate?

Oh, the rain burns on
Now that summer's gone
Oh, the wind blows strong
Now that summer's gone

Across the fields we ran
To emerald castles, banned
By rule of modern man
Who built a winter land
Then as the seasons change
He'll fly and hide away
Above a cloud of words
On wings of gold I heard
We must rise, it's not too late
Now tell me, who are you
To change our fate?


Who Wrote Summer By Asia?

Geoff Downes, John Timothy Payne

What's The Duration Of The Summer By Asia?

The duration of Summer is 4:06 minutes and seconds.

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