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Dedication Lyrics by Asking Alexandria
Dedication Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Dedication By Asking Alexandria?

You'll never really find those perfect words
Something more than just, "Goodbye"
It's hard to remember the good times when there's just so much heartache
And they deserve more than that
They deserve more than just one single moment of sadness

So just remember
That when there's enough love in our hearts to burst like a fucking supernova
Then there's sure as hell is enough love in our heart to smile for that famous smile
We all lose someone at some point in our lives
But don't ever let go of that smile
Hold on forever, because that's our final dedication

Who Wrote Dedication By Asking Alexandria?

Benjamin Paul Bruce, Danny Robert Worsnop, James Arthur Cassells

What's The Duration Of The Dedication By Asking Alexandria?

The duration of Dedication is 3:37 minutes and seconds.

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