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L-L-Love Lyrics by Astaire
L-L-Love Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For L-L-Love By Astaire?

Flirting with disaster
You're the one I'm after
Think I found my destiny
Luxury and danger
Rapture me my stranger
Hold me close, don't let me be

I could fly on the wings of my heart
Deep inside, I've been falling apart
L L Love, there's a magic in you
And I'll be under your spell, L L Love

Hazy, crazy feeling
You're the thief I'm stealing
Locked you up and lost the key
Flying on the wings,
Flying on the wings,
Flying on the wings of my heart


Need your touch, it's what I'm after
Fatal kiss, your embrace
You got me baby, You've got me baby
Fatal kiss, your embrace


L L Love, L L Love, L L Love

Who Wrote L-L-Love By Astaire?

Bruce James Driscoll, Erica Pinto Da Silva Driscoll

What's The Duration Of The L-L-Love By Astaire?

The duration of L-L-Love is 3:50 minutes and seconds.

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