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Love Lyrics by Ben Taylor
Love Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Love By Ben Taylor?

Well you could be dreamin'
You could easily be lying by yourself sleepin'
Only to wake up hopelessly stranded in love
Oh, you could be movin'
Proud of yourself about the lonely way you keep grovin'
Only to stop uncontrollably frozen in love

It could fool you at any time on any given day
Been proven to make you blind
It seems like nobody's safe now days
Oh, are you ready for love

Well problems will grieve you
And all sorts of people will try to deceive you
But those types of worries can leave you as quick as they came
But love doesn't leave you
She waits in the back of your mind and believes you
She could deceive you as easy as show you the way

[Chorus: x2]

Who Wrote Love By Ben Taylor?

John Dahlback, Shawnee Taylor, Francesco Diaz, Bernd Augustinski

What's The Duration Of The Love By Ben Taylor?

The duration of Love is 5:24 minutes and seconds.

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