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With You

With You Lyrics by Ben
With You Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For With You By Ben?

My days are brighter than morning air
Evergreen pine and autumn blue
But all my days were twice as fair
If I could share my days with you
My nights are warmer than fire coal
Incense and stars and smoke bamboo
But nights were warm beyond compare
If I could share my nights with you
To dance in my dreams
To shine when I need the sun
With you
To hold me when dreams are done
And oh my dearest love
If you will take my love
Then all my dreams are truly begun
And time weaves ribbons of memory
To sweeten life when youth is through
But I would need no memories there
If I could share my life with you

Who Wrote With You By Ben?

Ben Findon

What's The Duration Of The With You By Ben?

The duration of With You is 5:05 minutes and seconds.

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