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Mister Meadowlark

Mister Meadowlark Lyrics by Benny Green
Mister Meadowlark Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Mister Meadowlark By Benny Green?

I'm out in the country
But I don't know why
Cause I'm sticky a city loving guy
Just sitting there when a little bird flies my way
Hello bee

I looks at him and he's lookin' at me
We're both satisfying our curiosity
Who can this be?
Quick like a rabbit I gets me a ?
So I ups to him and I say,
Whatcha say?
"Oh Mister Meadowlark we gots a lot of serenading to do."
Who to?
"Ooh Mister Meadowlark I'm just a city slicker & I'm counting on you."

She's got a country guy who whistles
My whistle is thin
So when I begin, that's where you come in

Oh you're ? your heart mister meadowlark
Now if you should cop a gander when I'm kissing my chick
Needless to remind I'm gonna have the decency to exit due but quick
Say but what if Mrs. M thinks I'm out stepping?
Fear not, I'll make it alright
For Mr. Meadowlark meet me in the dark tonight
The scene changes, nightfall, our two characters at the ? place, the park,
Spoon and spark with meadowlark

Ooh Mister Meadowlark we're gathered here to witness this moment event
It's a charming little park
Paid for by the city
Now my brother you're a cinch
Cause when I send them, they're sent
You mean you're ready?
Suppose I hit a real good ripple
Well whistle me a whizzer
I'll slip you a ?
Now when I begin
Why that's where I come in
Pretty now
Oh Mister Meadowlark, I guess you know that clinker put the finish oh me
Fair weather friend, eh?
Needn't to remind I hope you know you put me in a practically impossible key
If they squawk then you got to square it
Square it
I'll tell them you're tight with two black birds from Boston
Yes Mister Meadowlark goodnight

Who Wrote Mister Meadowlark By Benny Green?

Johnny Mercer, Walter Donaldson

What's The Duration Of The Mister Meadowlark By Benny Green?

The duration of Mister Meadowlark is 2:38 minutes and seconds.

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