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Mountain Lyrics by Bent Saether
Mountain Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Mountain By Bent Saether?

Alright, so maybe I dreamed it all
But the blisters on my skin they tell me different
Bad dreams-sugarcoated tabs from hell
Drowning in the wishing well I save for you

Stone cold sweat
I bleed to death every night
Something here ain't exactly right
Someone turn the wheel before I drown
Beneath your mountain

Oh, it's so strange
Sometimes I see these things
That don't exist
Beyond my dreams
Wake up,with nerves sprayed on the wall
There's a saint across the hall,but she's not at home now
Empty-too full of fear to fill up
Too far gone to stop, too scared to move


Who Wrote Mountain By Bent Saether?

Hamza Robertson, Sami Yusuf, N Unknown Writer

What's The Duration Of The Mountain By Bent Saether?

The duration of Mountain is 11:19 minutes and seconds.

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