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Follow Me (to Murder)

Follow Me (to Murder) Lyrics by Benzino
Follow Me (to Murder) Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Follow Me (to Murder) By Benzino?

Chorus: (Benzino)

Come with me lets (Murder)
Follow me to (Murder)
Come with me lets (Murder)
Follow me to (Murder)
La la la la la la la (Murder)
La la la la la la la (Murder)

(Mr. Gzus)
It's a thrill to me that you niggas want to kill me
I think you all know this saga
They mad cause they wish they had the shit that I had
I'm fucking there babies moma
My soldiers salute with their guns high
Aim and they'll shoot you with one try
I never understood why, niggas snitch and bitches lie
How a motherfucker gonna testify
When he's doing the same shit that I'm doing?
Yap to the feds for a little bit of bread
Now The whole fucking game is ruined
A lot of these niggas are two faced
They need to use glue for they tooth paste
They better strap up or get their boots laced
Or get victim of a 44 shell case
Your bitch said she like the way my dick taste
Now the hoe back up in your face
To the rules of the game you're a disgrace
Never trust no bitch in the first place
Me and Big Sco came to blast these hoes'
Who can't keep shit on the hush
When we come, guns bust
Ruckus hit the dust, it's only us


(Big Sco)
These niggas want drama?
Who the f*ck these busta testing
Bout to teach em a lesson, when I get to blesson
Wit the motherfucking smith & wesson
No question let me make one suggestion
Don't f*ck around with a nigga that you can't f*ck with
Cause I buck quick what's wrong dog?
You mad at me cause your bitch suck dick
Just duck quick cause when I let that thing off
When I break it off ring it off it's over with
Busting nuts I'm all over the shoulder shit
You can't f*ck with a nigga y'all know this shit is on
Some popo shit but when it comes to me I don't know no shit
You got to go bitch gotta find a big ditch for a bitch snitch
Hit the nigga with 6 in the mix
Ima fix the mother fucker cause he a big bitch
Swiftly hit the nigga with the fifty caliber
Challenger, I'm a damage ya, you a amateur
I got stamina, kill a nigga put it on camera
F*ck around I'll have to handle ya, dismantle ya, ha
This what I do to a enemy
Split a motherfuckers head like Kennedy
F*ck y'all, don't you know its ten of me
So don't pretend to be no friend to me
Big guns those things are like kin to me
Simply I bust and the ones I can't touch
Well put it like this, them bitches get fucked, my dick get sucked
y'all can't f*ck with us
Listen you don't want to bang with me hang with me
Nigga, throw them things
With me Big Rosco, cool Gzus, g-pack Wiseguys
Made Men, and the Hangmen 3


(Murder) 3x
Follow me to (murder)
La la la la la la la


Who Wrote Follow Me (to Murder) By Benzino?

Ewan Grant, Stewart Chrichton

What's The Duration Of The Follow Me (to Murder) By Benzino?

The duration of Follow Me (to Murder) is 3:42 minutes and seconds.

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