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Go Hard

Go Hard Lyrics by Benzino
Go Hard Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Go Hard By Benzino?

[Intro: Benzino]
Unh, Hangmen 3
2 Times and J.B.
Yeah, Benzino, c'mon
Let's take it to these motherfucking streets, yo
Yo, throw your 3's up

Lord I'm crying out, help me get my shit together
They tryin to put me back in, but I won't let 'em
I'm a living legend in these streets - east coast gangsta
With ties to the west coast, banging
Motherfuck a street team, my team bereave streets
Since '86 street sweepers poppin out the back door
Sprayed blocks, certain niggas kept glocks
Trucks ramped, niggas couldn't understand it
Benzino, sniffin eighths of anthrax
Niggas can't touch me, my nose gettin runny
I got 5 cases, in 3 states with 6 lawyers
Had a 5S with Mass plates and 4 corners
Now I'm Black Stallion, Ferrari Twin Turbo
Probably been warned, but 'Zino gon hurt you
Enough's enough, let's take it to the streets
Raise big fire over Hangmen beats, c'mon

[Chorus: Benzino]
Go hard, or go home - I don't want to hear it
My shit too long, and now you gon feel it
We gon break 'em, crash 'em, take 'em, smash 'em
Bang 'em, bruise 'em, hang 'em - Go hard
Break 'em, crash 'em, take 'em, smash 'em
Bang 'em, bruise 'em, hang 'em - Go hard
Break 'em, crash 'em, take 'em, smash 'em
Bang 'em, bruise 'em, hang 'em - Go hard

Diablos, the slug from the web and kill Gotho
Nevatho, from East L.A., Bronx to Chicago
My choppa sting ya, make you scream "A bay Maria!"
Born leader, Benzino bring flame, born heater
I post bail with 6 figures, you slick niggas
Betta have extra clips if you try and stick with us
I'm a monster on this mic, official Made Men savvy
Draped with rabbit foot, nothing less 50 karats
My closet's like a rainbow - Velour suits change like the weather
Adidas box stacked, Fly 11's
Hydraulics in the 6 keep my CD's from skippin
You niggas trippin, nasty, know steady rippin
GQ Magazine, we on page 144
Source covers, Spaceships, Flex Tunnel Tour
I bet chu didn't know the Hangmen made a beat and laced Nas
Stop hating motherfucker, go hard!


Benzino strike back - most hated, f*ck this rap game
Reputed gang banga, accused drug slanga.. thug
Rhyme sick style, arrogant.. thug
Run up on me wrong - not having it
My crew been through so much that you can't dream of
Everybody want to be hard til they see slugs
Continue breaking bread with my team, thug mean muggs
I'm organized, my shit's effective
Selective, with the type of niggas that I run with
Guns clicked.. hold up, we on some other shit
Scream loud, Benzino represent for the niggas, bitches, gangstas, playas

[Chorus 2x]

Who Wrote Go Hard By Benzino?

Angel, J-hart, Wretch 32, James Abrahart, Jermaine Scott, Ryan Williamson, Sirach Charles

What's The Duration Of The Go Hard By Benzino?

The duration of Go Hard is 3:59 minutes and seconds.

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