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Redemption (Rosary)

Redemption (Rosary) Lyrics by Benzino
Redemption (Rosary) Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Redemption (Rosary) By Benzino?

I'm a smoke until I'm fried
Help me cope with the demons that I can't hide
Intuition is a gift (nigga)
If you think that a nigga did it

Hit em in the chest and keep it movin'
Or go sit your silly ass down
don't give me no excuses that you turned your little life around (naw)
You were born into violence

You weave pain, ain't nuttin but a g thang
Anyway, you better get him 'fore he get you (get you)
F*ck around, fall asleep then he wet you
F*ck around he call the feds then they get you

And your bitch is gonna flip and forget you
Drop to my knees, Lord I'm reachin out
I'm ordain to the streets (Tell me what's it all about uh)
Kill them niggas with the clout

Eliminate these haters
I'm a deal with you later
Man this shit got me fucked up (fucked up)
Right up

I gotta keep token (pass that shit)
Conversating with the devil
I'm on another level
The evil thing that men do
Off with your head if you fuckin' with Benzino (fuckin with Benzino)

God I'm droppin to my knees (to my knees)
My Rosaries in my hand
And I'm screamin Lord please (Lord please)
Gotta take the pain away (Gotta take the pain away)
Will I live to see another day (another day)

I was, boring in heaven, raised in hell
Fightin demons off my back
Attack and kill

When murder is an option
Gotta take precaution
I'm already known, the Lord has a plan
But it's so damn hard bein honest man

And I'm stuck in my ways
So I'm a blaze for life
Give these streets some praise
I know they raised me right (haha)

Jesus Christ, if my life turns upside-down
I'll sit beside you in your kingdom with your angels round
Hear the sound of your choir
All in my brain

The streets is on fire
They callin my name
Even though they caused me so much pain (so much pain)
They lace a thugged up on so much game (so much game)

The agony in ecstasy
People mad at me
If Judas' is next to me
End up in tragedy

F*ck it
I'm destined to die young
I'm losin' my religion
Speakin' in tongue

I'm on a one way trip to death
Inhaling this pain like it's my last breath (so what's next)
I'm a kill you 'fore you kill me
Fuckin' with Hobby ya dead body
Your bitch gonna feel me


[Fatal Hussein]
Hussein the don
It's nothin I get there early
'Cause I stay in the mix
Could you imagine all the demons

When you stay in the Bricks
And every night I hear em talkin to me
It's like I hear em when they call me in my sleep
But I ain't tryin ta feel em walkin to me

Six million ways to die
I choose the one, that's easiest to me
So I choose the gun
And if you choose the wrong one choice

you better choose to run
I had a soul of Makaveli
When you lose a lung
Take it from me

I make niggas learn respect
Disrespect hurt but pain is when I burn a tech
And it ain't nutttin like gettin ya head slittin ya wig
And the fed find you buried with your bitch and her kids

It was rough comin up nigga, I ain't eatin
You think I'm tryin to turn the tables now, I ain't beat

I'm finna do this, ride it out to the end
Rest In Peace to my niggas
Makaveli the don, Killa Kadafi

[Chorus: x 2]

No doubt, this one goin out to my brother Porky D
Hold ya head
Rest in peace Tupac Shakur, Biggie Smalls, Big Punisher, Big L, Freaky Tah

Who Wrote Redemption (Rosary) By Benzino?

Anthony Douglas Gilmour, Bruce Washington, Kid Javi, Raymond E. Scott

What's The Duration Of The Redemption (Rosary) By Benzino?

The duration of Redemption (Rosary) is 4:29 minutes and seconds.

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