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Club Elitaire

Club Elitaire Lyrics by Bert
Club Elitaire Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Club Elitaire By Bert?

Club elitaire is where the rich and famous go
Club elitaire is a million dollar show
Club elitaire girls and diamonds glow
I see you tonight my friend
At club elitaire
1. and 2. VERSE :
I want your body
And you shouldn't stop me
That beat is goin' on
And your eyes are tellin' me
Get close and start it
I know I make you mine
I can see you feel divine
I know I make you mine
Do you really like to
Shine shine shine at....
I know you want to dance
So come close
I know you want to shake those hips
Come on let's pop that bottle of champagne
Let's get wild, freaky
Let's dance the whole night long
Oh ya dancin'
Now ya dancin'
Now ya shakin' those hips
And now ya zippin' that champagne
Now ya doin' all of that
The night is not enough
Yeah, this night is not enough
Come on ever baby
Get closer
And let us really shake it
Yeah, let us really do it
All right, let me see
Let me see everything
You want to do
Come on

Who Wrote Club Elitaire By Bert?

Christian Pletschacher, Lou Bega

What's The Duration Of The Club Elitaire By Bert?

The duration of Club Elitaire is 5:03 minutes and seconds.

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