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Alimony Lyrics by Bobby Bare
Alimony Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Alimony By Bobby Bare?

Alimony alimony work till my fingers are bloody and boney
Me oh my oh goodness sake I'm paying for my mistake
Ali-money I call it ali-money you married men may think it's funny
Till one fine day you'll wake and find you're paying for your mistake
Every Friday when I get my pay I put it in an envelope and mail it away
Same old song with a little more blues in it
I'm paying for it while someone else's usin' it
Alimony alimony I thought I bought steak and it was all baloney
Me oh my oh goodness sake I'm paying for my mistake
[ guitar ]
Alimony alimony...
Every payday paying for my mistake yes I am friends

Who Wrote Alimony By Bobby Bare?

Shel Silverstein

What's The Duration Of The Alimony By Bobby Bare?

The duration of Alimony is 2:16 minutes and seconds.

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