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St James Infirmary

St James Infirmary Lyrics by Bobby
St James Infirmary Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For St James Infirmary By Bobby "Blue" Bland?

I went down to St. James Infirmary
Then I heard my baby groan
Said I felt lonesome, broken-hearted
And she used to be mine, lord, well, my very own

I tried so hard to keep from crying
Then my heart felt just like lead
She was all that I had to live for
Whoa, I just wish it were me, my lord

Now she's gone, she's gone and may God bless her
Wherever, oh lord, she may be crying, lord
She have searched this wide world all over
No, but she never found a man, well, fine like me
She's gone, oh lord
Well, she's gone, baby
Lord, yeah, yeah

Who Wrote St James Infirmary By Bobby "Blue" Bland?

Joe Primrose, Irving Mills

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