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A1 Lyrics by Bobby Brackins
A1 Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For A1 By Bobby Brackins?

I'm gettin' stupid cake
Get in the stupid club
Stay out stupid late
Be gettin' stupid love
Stuntin' every day
I'm solid, I'm A1
Ballin' every day
I'm solid, I'm A1
I need a stunna baby
Keep it A1, yeah
I need a stunna baby
Keep it A1, yeah
I need a stunna baby
Keep it A1, yeah
A1, yeah, A1
My lifestyle is A1, A-A1, A-A-A-A-A1
My lifestyle is A1, A-A1, A-A-A-A-A1

Flory Mayweather - I eat, sleep and breathe hits
Hit the club with the homies, leave with three chicks
Please don't step on my Louis', I'm a be pissed
On some G shit flyer than a G6
Yeah, my whole crew is gettin' paid now
Busload of honnies', I need a grayhound
Haters swing from my nuts, I need a playground
Shawties love my voice, I got a great sound
Live good, is tatted on my fingers
I'm searchin' models and R&B singers
I got an actress and she don't even act right
You can use my pick-a-ring as a flashlight


I'm ready, oh yeah I'm hot right now
Limousines, champagne in my lifestyle
Plus yo girl let me poke like an eye-gouge
Hop in European wheels every time we ride out
Got a change car and money at the hideout
Bet I shine if it's cloudy or it's bright out
It's easy to get breezies all in my house
I got something to alleviate your dry mouth
I'm good like my credit, you know I keep it A1
Made another hit for the radio station
Two chains to compliment my Rolex
Haters so stale, oh well, we so fresh


Check it off, and then I bring the dough back in
Flashing lights, I'm taking pictures like Kodak film
I'm takin' trips, different stripper different city
You sayin' goodbye girl, I'm sayin' hello kitty
My girl's got nice toes, I gotta keep 'em pretty
My friends go so hard, so I keep 'em with me
Warm like a chimney, bring it back like a Frisbee
In the bed, I'm bustin' hard like a semi
Automatic, signed, sealed, delivered
Baby I'm yours turn you out like a pivot
I'm good, awesome, naughty fantastic
Gotta stay fly, I'm A1, it's a habit


Who Wrote A1 By Bobby Brackins?

Devin Starr Tailes, Nicholas Matthew Balding, Robert Clifton Brackins

What's The Duration Of The A1 By Bobby Brackins?

The duration of A1 is 3:51 minutes and seconds.

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