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Girl Next Door

Girl Next Door Lyrics by Bobby Brown
Girl Next Door Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Girl Next Door By Bobby Brown?

This is crazy, I mean
I meet the most beautiful girl
Come to find out
She lives right next door to me

I don't know what I'ma do
This is rough on me, I just gotta
I just gotta talk to somebody

Hey fellows, gather 'round
Let me tell you 'bout a girl who's blowin' my mind
She's really new in town
Fresh an' lovely an' ever so fine

I said, "How do you do?
There's never been another girl like you
My heart just skips a beat
Whenever you're near to me"

She lets me walk with her
I thought it couldn't get any better
But there was even more

I found out she's the girl next door
I want to be with her forever more
The girl next door, yeah
I need to be with her

Now, since I've been with her
I found my whole world is turnin' around
She never rocks the boat
Yes, she keeps it from runnin' aground

Sometimes I can't believe
That she only wants to be with me
It seems like such a crime
Not to share such a lovely find

I never get too much
I'm livin' every moment for her touch
Because she lives next door
Next to me, baby

Girl next door
Girl next door
Girl next door

Hey, yeah, yeah, now tell me, baby

What could she have in store, the girl next door?
Her very essence, her presence, I do adore
An' bein' this close is drivin' me wild
I love her personality, her style, her smile

My life is bright once more again
Our lives are hot, our souls will blend
I love that girl more than all the world
She's like priceless diamonds, cultured pearls

She took me by surprise right before my eyes
She came to me like a vision on earth
I didn't have to look, I didn't have to search

I'll never bore my girl next door
Each other's body, we'll explore
Our love will grow forever more

Girl next door
She caught me peekin'
Girl next door

Who Wrote Girl Next Door By Bobby Brown?

Melvin D. Wells

What's The Duration Of The Girl Next Door By Bobby Brown?

The duration of Girl Next Door is 4:08 minutes and seconds.

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