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Disaster Lyrics by Bobby Conn
Disaster Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Disaster By Bobby Conn?

The game is up, we always knew
We're out of luck, we're out of time
What can we do

We played the game thought we'd never lose
But now the mob is at the gates
And they're breaking through

It's a disaster - The one we've always feared
It's a disaster - We been waiting for for years
And now we'll finally see how it all ends
It's a disaster

We'll face the mob, just you and I
Don't mind the jeers, the rotten fruit
Hold your head high

We'll stare them down as they strip us bare
We will not bend, we will not beg
We just don't care

It's a disaster - We've nothing left to fear
It's a disaster - Yeah, we made it all these years
And now we'll to see how this thing ends
And I'm proud to say that you have been my friend

Cuz it's a disaster - And I'm stronger than before
It's a disaster - I'm not frightened anymore
Together we will run into the flames
We're holding hands and shouting out our names
It's a disaster
It's a disaster

Who Wrote Disaster By Bobby Conn?

Bobby Conn

What's The Duration Of The Disaster By Bobby Conn?

The duration of Disaster is 3:47 minutes and seconds.

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