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Butterfly for Bucky

Butterfly for Bucky Lyrics by Bobby Goldsboro
Butterfly for Bucky Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Butterfly for Bucky By Bobby Goldsboro?

Buck was born on a beautiful morning
And I felt very proud
Lets just say its not every day
That you see me cry out loud

Hair like sunshine, a smile as warm
And the prettiest eyes you'll find
One day last spring my lady and I
Found out those eyes were blind

Have a butterfly for me daddy
They sound so pretty to me
Tell me about the butterfly
And all the things you see

Well over there Buck lies a beautiful meadow
With the colors of gold and tan
With the smell of hay and the sound of crickets
Here Buck, take my hand

And I wish you could see that big oak tree
With its limbs reaching up to the sky
And a bed of flowers growing at its feet
And a big yellow butterfly

Save a butterfly for me daddy
Before they disappear
Save a butterfly for me daddy
And on his cheek was a tiny tear

So we packed up our bags our hopes and our dreams
And we all went to town that day
I sneaked off to the hospital chapel
I got down on my knees and I prayed

Save a butterfly for my boy lord
I sure need nothing for me
Except an angel of joy to touch him
The way that he's touched me

Now there are things in this universe
That we just don't understand
And through an open window came a butterfly
To land on Buck's small hand

The doctor's face was strangely white
As if it just couldn't be
But the light was in my boys face
Daddy he said, I can see

Save a butterfly for us Bucky
We're all so blind it seems
For we've not seen the magic
In the power of a little boy's dreams

Who Wrote Butterfly for Bucky By Bobby Goldsboro?

Bobby Goldsboro, Doug Cox

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