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Stay Wild

Stay Wild Lyrics by Bullet
Stay Wild Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Stay Wild By Bullet?

Another drink, another bar
Wild women and loud guitars
Let's loose control we're on the run
Full speed, ears bleed
Yeah that's all we need
We want it all while we're still young

Stay wild

We're mean and extreme
A fire breathing steam machine
Right to the top we ain't coming down
Plug us in, turn on the light
We gonna boogie tonight
We want it all while we're still young

Stay wild

Stay wild in the streets
Wild between the sheets
Wild in the hair
Wild everywhere
Always do what you wanna do
There's no doubt for me and you
Stay wild

Who Wrote Stay Wild By Bullet?

Erik Almstrom, Adam Hector, Gustav Hjortsjo, Dag Hofer, Hampus Klang

What's The Duration Of The Stay Wild By Bullet?

The duration of Stay Wild is 3:16 minutes and seconds.

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