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All a Dream

All a Dream Lyrics by Bun B
All a Dream Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For All a Dream By Bun B?

It was all a dream, thinkin' 'bout the fortune and fame
Hopin' one day I could get in the game
It was all a dream, wishin' for the money and cars
And to live the lifestyle of the stars
It was all a dream, livin through the struggle and pain
Tryin' not to fall out of the frame
It was all a dream, until I seen my dream come true
Now I'm a make it do what it do
'Cause it was all a dream

I'm from the hood player, check my stats
I grew up in the ghetto with the roaches and the rats (and the rats)
We used to shoot basketball through a bike rim (rim)
Lookin' at Jordan, wantin' to be like him (him)
Syrup sandwiches, sugar water drink (drinks)
I look back at my past and man I got to think (think)
Of where I came from (from) and what I've been through (through)
'Cause for some man, the saga still continues ('ues)
I remember, my days as a young'n
The alley ways and back streets we used to run in
Who knew back then that some would kill
and some would die? 'Cause on the real


I'm from the hood player, check my photos (my photos)
I used to be up all night on no doze (on no doze)
I had a dollar and a destiny (destiny)
And everyday man, the streets kept testin' me (testin' me)
With peer pressure (pressure) and even poverty (poverty)
But see I can't stop now, man there's got to be
A better life for me (life for me), I want the glory
But they won't give it to me and they won't do it for me (do it for me)
So I'm a pray on it and give it up to God (God)
Then wipe myself off, get up and go hard (hard)
I lost a lot of good friends on the way
That's why I'm tryin' harder every day


I'm from the hood player, check my pedigree (pedigree)
And nowadays man, I'm tryin' to be a better me (better me)
You see I'm older (older) and even smarter now (smarter now)
So I got to hold my son and my daughter down (daughter down)
And I'm a always keep it real with my kids (my kids)
So they don't have to go through what I did (I did)
'Cause they can climb higher than we ever climbed (ever climbed)
And they can shine brighter than we ever shined (ever shined)
See the next generation is the future (future)
And yeah the game's a little different than you're used to (used to)
But don't give up, just stay true
'Cause if I did it, than you can too

Who Wrote All a Dream By Bun B?

Bernard Freeman, Bernard James Freeman, Erik Ortiz, Erik Reyes Ortiz, Kevin Crowe, Kevin Dean Crowe

What's The Duration Of The All a Dream By Bun B?

The duration of All a Dream is 3:23 minutes and seconds.

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