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Forgot About Me [Explicit]

Forgot About Me [Explicit] Lyrics by Bun B
Forgot About Me [Explicit] Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Forgot About Me [Explicit] By Bun B?

I know they miss you

It seems like everybody, everybody, everybody
Everybody forgotten about me
Will I ever, ever, ever! Be free?
Huh, uh, huh!?

Just when they thought it was safe
I picked up the phone and called it a day
I bought a new car, caught a new case, f*ck it
The harder I walk, the ground shall shake
Stomping, the harder I march, the ground will break
I am, groundbreaking, like an earthquake,
Yeah, I run this shit, but I'll tackle it
You want me to break it down, I'm a fracture it
My mind is wanderin', I can't find it
But ten times outta ten, my mind on the money
Bandanna 'round my head like I know karate
And I'll wax a nigga's ass like Mister Miyagi
And it ain't over 'til the fat lady sang
And that bitch got a whole lot more weight to gain
And call me by my new name
(What is that?) featuring Lil Wayne


(My nigga, featuring Lil Wayne,
Came here to f*ck with me tonight, shwaty)

I am as, real as they come as hard as they get
They go to talking off the wall I put a par' in they shit
I'm the original gangsta, I'll tell you how I do it
I take niggas from the jump when they step to me with that bullshit
I am a fool, bitch, a native H-Town from the south side of Houston
You're tuned to the sounds of a nigga, who don't give a f*ck
Cause one way or the other
I'm goin' still get mine, play the game, motherfucker
The truth is in the building and I came tonight
And I done sold so many records, change my name to life
Cause I can breathe into the hood, make it feel my pain
And even though they try to change me, I remain the same
And even if I did have that chrome-plated grill on my shit
I come from out the motherfucking bricks
Now, never forget, where I come from, son
I'm respected in these motherfucking streets I run
I'm Face


(My, nigga)

It's Bun B, the nigga Mr. Swisher, and Mr. Flows
Mr. Brick, Mr. Killer Grams Nigga, Mr. 'BOWS
Mr. Slab, Mr. Candy Paint, nigga Mr. Dough
and Mr. Eighty four, hating hoe, we think yo' sister know
When I hits the do', motherfuckers drop and kiss the flo'
Light bulb flow, I glass shatter, transistors blow
I'm the shit for sure! Roll wit it, bitch or worm firm
I'm hot in this heat, a head shot'll keep your perm burned
It's my turn, I earn stripes and paid dues so
Don't be surprised if I'm in a trap or own a new show
I don't TRY snitch, sneak dis or even backdoor
Balla block, a short stop or drop down in Fat, hoe
(What!) I don't keep it a hun'ed (huh), I keep it a thousand
I'm hood, so I rep the hood, direct from the public housing
(Man!) I got it crunk like Obama in a 'Fesco
Nothing less than the best, hoe
Nigga, let's go it's you

"It seems like everybody, everybody, everybody (motherfucking G)
Everybody forgotten about me (K, for life!)
Will I ever, ever, ever, be free? (Long live the Pimp!)
Huh, uh, huh"

Who Wrote Forgot About Me [Explicit] By Bun B?

Andre Lyon, Andre Christopher Lyon, Bernard Freeman, Bernard James Freeman, Brad Jordan, Bunny Sigler, Dwayne Carter, Eddy Montilla, Kenneth Gamble, Kenny Gamble, Marcello Antonio Valenzano, Phil Hurtt

What's The Duration Of The Forgot About Me [Explicit] By Bun B?

The duration of Forgot About Me [Explicit] is 3:36 minutes and seconds.

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