Bun B - Get Cha Issue [Chopped & Screwed] [Version] Lyrics

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Get Cha Issue [Chopped & Screwed] [Version]

Get Cha Issue [Chopped & Screwed] [Version] Lyrics by Bun B
Get Cha Issue [Chopped & Screwed] [Version] Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Get Cha Issue [Chopped & Screwed] [Version] By Bun B?

Paybacks a motherfucker
This is where we take a journey called karma
What goes around comes back round
Especially in the rules of these streets
Its a bloody war in the rules of engagement
Eye for an eye tooth for a tooth
Justice in the eyes of a gangster

Hey, Mr. Preacher man what do you say,
See you out here tryin' to save yourself some people today
You got the good book in your and a robe on your back
Steppin' out your 2008 Escalade Cadillac
You standin' up in the pulpit lookin' out at the peau
Preachin' the good word and tellin' Christian folks what to do
You talkin' bout the sinners and sinnnin' but lets keep it true
Ain't nobody in this church a bigger sinner than you
Lets chapter this, first pact, pass the plate, pay your ties
Puttin' rings on your fingers and rims on your ride
You don't need a thousand dollar suit just pray in
Or a million dollar house for you to stay in
Marriage counseling but cheating on your own wife
Undercover pedifiler even in your own right
Let the door knob hit'cha where the good lord split'cha
You's a dirty motherfucker so its time to get cha issue c'mon

The good book say, he who is without sin cast the first stone
Man everytime I walk in the church house
The preacher cuttin' his eyes at me
For that though, he cant throw nothin' my way
He dirtier than I am
Ridin' down the street shinin', ballin'
Hollerin' at broads, hollerin' dudes on the cool
Thats why niggas dont go to church now
It ain't the message its the motherfuckin' messenger,
Let us move on

Hey Mr. Policeman what do you say
I see you out here tryin' to save yourself some people today
You got the knight stick in your and the walkin' your beat
Or in the blue and white car drivin' down my street
You say you hear to help the people and do us some good
Protect and serve and try to keep some peace in the hood
Claim you crackin' down on the crime but lets keep it true
Cause the biggest criminals in my city is you
You know police brutality is at a all tiem high
Pumpin' 61 slugs into an unarmed guy
Try to say that he was sellin', had a motherfuckin' hand gun
When you couldn't find one, you motherfuckers plant one
Rampart scandal Tupac Shakur Christopher Wallace, you got me sick
But who got the cure,
If the PD went M-I-A we wouldnt miss you,
You some dirty motherfuckers and its time to get cha issue c'mon

Look at this shit manj
I'ma do dewalla, Sean Bell, Tupac Shakur, Notorious B.I.G
Motherfuckers is dieing out here man
And if the poilice aint killin 'em
They don't give a f*ck about the weak,
Nobody tryin' to figure out who killed these people
Fat Pack, Big Hawk, the shit ain't right man'
Good cop, bad cop, the line blurring everyday, let us move on

Hey Mr. Politician what do you say?
I see yourself tryin' to save some people today
You tellin' us its time for a change people is dieing
And the current administration is doing nothing but lieing
You come down to my community and tell us your goals
To clean the system up and get the crisis under control
Claiming you get us on track but lets keep it true
The man motherfuckers keepin' us off track is you
Damn near everybody runnin' is a member of the senate
And voted to send us to war, so yall gotta send it
Now the shit done hit the fan and now you tryin to say
You wasn't down from the jump, man this shit wont play
Yall some liars, stealer's, vallanderers and all
Got senate to suck your dick inside the bathroom stalls
Now elected officials lettin the dick kiss you
You's a dirty motherfucker so its time to get cha issue c'mon

Man I don't believe this shit
Motherfuckers overseas dying in that war,
We jsut got rid of a prison and
Now he just wanna sit back and get his dick suck all damn day
Now we got motherfuckin' elected people in office
In airport bathrooms suck dick,
Tappin' people on they feet and shit
Man whats this world comin' to, who lookin' out for the children
Education, social security, bring out people back from motherfuckin' Iraq man
For real let us move on

Who Wrote Get Cha Issue [Chopped & Screwed] [Version] By Bun B?

Bernard Freeman, Gary Cunningham, Randy Jefferson

What's The Duration Of The Get Cha Issue [Chopped & Screwed] [Version] By Bun B?

The duration of Get Cha Issue [Chopped & Screwed] [Version] is 6:22 minutes and seconds.

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