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Hold Up

Hold Up Lyrics by Bun B
Hold Up Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Hold Up By Bun B?

Y'all already know what this is homeboy
No no no no no nigga
F*ck what you heard homeboy
Real niggas on deck
Goons is out nigga hey

We do a hundred on the highway
Switching lane after lane
If the po po come in let em
Ain't no stopping today
We brought them horses out tonight (hey)
Them big blocks dude
Cam phone pipes (hey)
I know you here em
Please who in your room would trade places with me
If I ain't what ya trying to be than why you hustling see
To be young black and rich
If that ain't the combination
Tell me when it switched
I need to know (listen)
Maybe the problem is your thinking to small
You niggas only wanna rap and that's all
Your only goal is to buy out the mall
I go and buy me a mall
You want the stuff for the summer
I'm goin' buy me the fall
And get a Myspace lick (yeah)
You know how many hits Myspace gets (yeah)
Man it's like I'm hurting feelings just by telling the truth
I'm hurting feelings in and out of this booth
Now listen

You see me sitting in the turning lane (whooo)
Yours big but mine bigger man
You wanna brag about a lil change
You need to step up your game lil boy
You better Hold up [Repeat: x6]
You better sit your ass down
You better Hold up [Repeat: x6]
You better sit your ass down

Well pac I see these haters watching me
But I ain't tripping ya'll see there ain't no stopping me
Weigh in the middle
And I'm steady buying property
I got land to catch me you hit the lottery
Niggas so stop playing
Boy I ride what I want to and ye ain't know
See me buying what I want to
Walk out the store 100 thousand in my pocket
You can tell how I want
I ball like a dog
Horsing at the red light
On chrome drop top candy red type
Four fifty four nigga want better bring it home
(fresh off vacation all this hate got me paranoid)
Yeah better know it
Wanna bring it you ain't ready for it
No right now what's ya tell em go get boy
And lights out
And nigga I ain't playing with ya
Come any day I'll hit ya
Don't let me pull up on ya in that turning lane nigga


My bread stack high like mike in NBA highlights
Man just means jacuzzi bubbling with sky lights
Smoke cool L jueal kill a niggas eye sight
Wal mart stops in eight seven like damn right
My wrist stay glistening
Two birds kissing
I'm sick of all this money somebody call a physician in
The American dream I'm with niggas is visioning
You clowns ain't making it rain it's just drizzling
Acting like I ain't paid what you talking bout
I throw a party at the bank walk a million out
Got over thirty movies what you think you doing to me
You sold a couple records how you think you gon' do me
You know I'm in shape I slap you you gon' try and sue me
I buy you off slide off with your lil cutie
All the money is a god damn new sense
Look at my career yeah I'm the blueprint


Who Wrote Hold Up By Bun B?

Nelly Furtado, Rodney Jerkins

What's The Duration Of The Hold Up By Bun B?

The duration of Hold Up is 4:22 minutes and seconds.

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