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Magic Lyrics by Bun B
Magic Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Magic By Bun B?

[Hook- Perion]
You can find me on 24's
Blowin' on a pound of dro
Getting gone in the wind
Sitting behind tint
Getting bent
You can't see me
But you smell the smoke
Oh yeah

[Bun B]
Now what you know bout the H town
Clutch city the throwdest
With them big body slab swangers on the grind
And you know this

Got them buttons and bumper kits
Them buckles and belts
With pop trunk, shiny grill
Keeping it Trill with ourself

We break left and lack turn to the right
And bust his glock off - what
And if one time roll up
We ain't fittin turn this knock off

I'm a crank this surround up
And show him my thang
And if we need us another corner to slang
It ain't a thang

We got that 3rd Ward, that Yellowstone, 5th Ward and the Acres
Dirty dub back to the Southside we fulla bar breakers
So anywhere you want to take us
Guarantee you can show him up

I'm a crank him like a seal on a PT and pour him up
Paul Wall the OG Ron see to slow him up
So if ya'll reppin some down ass hoods player than throw 'em up
Keep the Trillness in front of me and them haters behind me
So Magic if you're lookin Bum be this how you gone find me...my nigga


I'm on the 10 goin' West and I'm heading straight to the H
From Louisiana got money to make
They got some bitches I didn't cut
Some clubs I didn't crash

Some bars I haven't run up the tab on a nigga ass
Neglecting my nuts I work too much
F*ck gettin' tipsy tryin' to get fucked up
I need some rup to sip

So I can lean in my cut dogg
Eyes focused on pussy
Run some G on a damn broad
I'm with Bun and Mike Gizzle

Sippin' and dippin' til at least 7 in the morn
My 24's I call them the hoe catchers
Catch the type of hoes that wouldn't usually sweat ya
Bet cha I do it bigger than ya'll

40 gals on call to entertain my dogs
Just bring me some good and a big fat goo
So I can puff and blow smoke on a hater like you


[Mike Jones]
Makin money is all I know
24's is all I roll
Killa dro that's all I blow
In the lime light I shine and glow

Mr Magic and Bun be want to live lavish then come with me
As I flip the script in my Humvee
Grindin for my currency
281-330-8004 hit Mike Jones up on the low

'cause Mike Jones about to blow
I'm in a Lex
Black on black ballin'
24's and up when I'm crawlin

Grind daily to keep from fallin
Got hot now majors callin
I'm Mike Jones
Puttin down for Swisher house

Princess cuts all in my mouth
Representin that dirty South
Stay on the grind from 9 to 9
Hope and pray one day I'll shine

Body Head, Swisher House and Middle Fingers we on the
I'm in a Benz on Lorenz 24's in the wind
My daily routine is pimpin pens

I'm Mike Jones
Mike Jones
Mike Jones
Swisher House and Body Head baby


[Bun B]
Listen partner
You're to wet behind the ears
And you're to dry on the nose
Know what I'm talking about

What you need to do is help yourself up in the slab
Catch a corner with a Trill player like myself
I'm a flip you through H Town
Know what I'm sayin

I'm a keep it real with you
I'm a pour ya skee taste, know what I'm sayin
I'm a twist you up a Swisher you know what I'm sayin
Go on and hit the North Side, South Side, South West

I got them Body Head boys with me baby
It don't get no Triller than this here
No what I'm talking about

Who Wrote Magic By Bun B?

Aldrin Davis, Clifford Joseph Harris

What's The Duration Of The Magic By Bun B?

The duration of Magic is 1:14 minutes and seconds.

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