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Moving Mountains

Moving Mountains Lyrics by Bun B
Moving Mountains Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Moving Mountains By Bun B?

I feel like I'm on a mountain
And I'm trying to keep my balance
(Yeah, live from Brooklyn)
There is no need to doubt
(I'm chillin' with Statik)
What I was always meant to be
(Yeah, live from Brooklyn)
I feel like my thoughts are crowded
But I'll raise above the challenge
(Mic check, one, two)
'Cause there is no need to doubt us
Always meant to be

It's been a long time comin' but it's better than never though
It's Bun B, they pulled out the veteran, I forever go
Hard in the paint and still represent for the underground
And still goin' harder than these other clowns, don't f*ck around
This ain't chess or checkers mayne, this is real life
And these dirty niggas is still shite, I still might
Have to go back to my old ways
And even though I know this ain't the old days when I used to hold 'K's
I still handle shit like a gangsta, a gentleman
We ain't gotta bring in no middlemen
I'm speaking for the trill and I'ma stand on it, put your hand on it
I'ma leave you laying where you stand, understand homie
It's that triple OG that like to smoke and keep it low-key
What you doin' now I did in '03, don't hold me
I paid the cost to be the boss, now I'm the CEO
You came up short, movin' to slow, niggas C-3P0
Or R2-D2, that's right, I see you
You see-through, and you won't live to see the sequel
Don't f*ck with me fool, I'm gassed up, don't need fuel
Let's sell your Eclipse, no it ain't gotta be EQ'd, you free food
And this a frenzy, so you know I'ma hop off in a Benz E
And manage the f*ck out to where the ends be
You think you better bitch, convince me
'Cause I'm simply the best to ever do this shit
Put that on Pimp-C

Who Wrote Moving Mountains By Bun B?

Bernard Freeman, Patrick Baril

What's The Duration Of The Moving Mountains By Bun B?

The duration of Moving Mountains is 1:41 minutes and seconds.

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