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Retaliation Is a Must

Retaliation Is a Must Lyrics by Bun B
Retaliation Is a Must Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Retaliation Is a Must By Bun B?

Hold up, Mddl Fngz up
Pussy Ass Niggas Down nigga
Htown texas stand up
Southwest, sunnyside, PA we up in here baby
Holla, know'm talking bout

[Bun B]

Say, Nigga you can't run, nigga you can't hide
Know that we got guns, know that we gon' ride
Blow out your insides and leave you to rot
Cause when we give it to you bitch we give you all that we've got
Now all it takes is one shot to put your ass in a ditch
But you gon' get the other 49 for bein' a bitch
Go to war with the big men when it makes no sense to
Repercussions get extreme when we ride against you
Ain't no movie, your baby mama, teachers and your kids
Everybody finna get it for the shit that you did
So when I get to your crib, better come out swingin
Cause the devil ain't even ready for this hell I'm bringin
We don't want no dope
We don't want no cash
We don't want no excuses
We just want your ass
So when that front door crash, and you see them soldiers
When that gun go blast, don't say Bun didn't told ya

[Chorus 2x]

If I I pull it out my pocket, be the first one to bust,
We ain't playin wit you hoes
Retaliation is a must
First nigga make a move, first nigga hit the dutch

[Mddl Fngz]

Yeahh, now I stand on my two feet,
One playa, two heats
20 shot, hollow heads, bitch give me the loose leaf
F*ck beef I got a K for niggas
In spots the law won't find you for days my niggas
Southside young playa full of plots and scams
Show ya how to get cha overs up and lock the grams
Boys know me in the hood, but not for rappin'
Back street trappin', front line, ya boys a captain
First nigga to shot, I ain't tryna talk,
Bring the heat to the hospital and finish you off
No life is a come up, when I'm rollin with my gun up
Don't get ya bitch gun, but nigga what you want, what?
And ain't shit to get ya family touched
Catch auntie on the bus, and pop her ass like a clutch nigga
I'm in the game cause I love the rush,
Love to bust
This fans money never enough nigga

[Chorus 2x]

[Mddl Fngz]

45 in the rova, the k is on my shoulder
Pop your bitch ass, then I go and smoke it over
Niggas gettin' older, but thugs is comin younger
So just in case you wonder, I keep a (?) up under
Cause nigga you a blunder
Got rock by the thunder
Cryin to Bun, but he the reason that we done ya
Gave us the word, said we keep the bird
Leavin is for nerds, I put your brain on the curb, fucka
Pull ya piece nigga, and watch ya rest it
Come to this clip game, bitch I'm the best in it
The white flag you wavin, now it's on bitch please
All your love ones houses lookin like swiss cheese
Tried to let your ass make it, but your ass act a fool
Now the HK, the AK and the are is the tools
All your homeboys gone and them hoes won't help
So tell ya mom and your sister break out the black dress

[Chorus 2x]

Who Wrote Retaliation Is a Must By Bun B?

A. Stephenson, Anthony Dwayne Bowser, Bernard James Freeman, M. Grisby, S. Wheelock

What's The Duration Of The Retaliation Is a Must By Bun B?

The duration of Retaliation Is a Must is 3:48 minutes and seconds.

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