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Rock Bottom

Rock Bottom Lyrics by Bun B
Rock Bottom Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Rock Bottom By Bun B?

[Chorus: x2]
Damn, it can't get no worse than this cause I done hit rock bottom
I'mma get up on a muthafuckin' sack and a big ass bottle to solve all my problems
I'm goin' in circles man, goin' in circles man
Sometimes I feel like, feel like I'm goin' in circles man

Damn, if you a man put some muthafuckin' food on the table
That's what she said but still a nigga wasn't able
To get up some bread for the rent, lights, and cable
The gas and water
She actin like I'm tryna starve her
And I know the baby growin' and her belly gotta eat too
Only thing I got left is this gun on my belt, If I can't feed myself how I'mma feed you?
How I'mma ride with this tank on empty, sellin yola hoping that the jakes dont get me
Cause when I leave the crib man that thang go wit' me
My nigga from the jets got stained for a 50
Sack of the hard
Tryna match you a broad
Got 'em shot up in his car by a muthafuckin' dope fiend
A bitch tryna get a fix, put my nigga in a ditch, we been hittin them licks since we was 14
Now they say you in a calmer place
I couldn't tell by the looks on yo' momma face
Now everytime she look at me I see a look of disgrace
She disappointed by the dreams we was lookin' to chase
Cause we was cookin' the base and we was flippin' the spinach
And if a nigga violated then we handled our business
We never knew one day the street shit would catch up with us
And I don't roll with many niggas, you was one of the realest
I'm like

[Chorus: x2]

Damn, open my mailbox and all I get to see is bill after bill
Shit kinda slow ain't no real money be comin' in but yo, I still got ten on the kil'
Ten on the drank, a nigga be on ten when I'm sober to get me over keep me full of the poison
My nigga Rich doin' a bid they sent the boys in, to get him if I would've been wit' him I woulda joined him
And now I'm out here lurkin' the streets wit' no work feelin' like my throat been cut wit' no plug
You know just what I mean if you ever done sold drugs, finna rob me a nigga cause I ain't got no love
And I ain't got no qualification for no career move, people up in corporate america probably fear dude
Gettin' shine off of my rhyme for like a year or two, still got the police lights up in my rearview
Damn, as I sit behind a tint, in a car full of smoke
Hopin' this officer don't do nothin' to make me have to hurt him cause it's over if I get caught up with this dope
Give me a coal, might aswell hang me from a rope
Cause the government lynchin' niggas more than ever before
Sort of like the slavery days but if we ? the change, then how the f*ck is we supposed to grow?
They got a nigga like damn

[Chorus: x2]

Who Wrote Rock Bottom By Bun B?

Armando Christian Perez, Frank Romano, Bernard Freeman, Ernest Dimanche

What's The Duration Of The Rock Bottom By Bun B?

The duration of Rock Bottom is 2:31 minutes and seconds.

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