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Snow Money

Snow Money Lyrics by Bun B
Snow Money Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Snow Money By Bun B?

Say mayne, I had this pussy ass nigga come up to me the other day
You know what I'm sayin'?
Talkin' 'bout "say Bun B
Bun B you gon' rep for P-A on this album?"
I said "you bitch ass nigga, I am P-A, who the f*ck is you nigga?
Know what I'm sayin'?
Everybody know I rep for Port Arthur, Texas to the fullest
Who the f*ck know you nigga?
Don't nobody know you but your mama ho ass nigga
Move around nigga
I'm some on P-A shit, know what I'm talkin' 'bout?"

P-A trill nigga, I was born ready bro
Our here on the grind, rain or shine, for the fetti bro
Work comin' in and movin' out with the steady flow
Boys out of line, pull the thing out, let it go
Always G'd out, blacked out, from my head to toe
And it ain't a question that I be out to get the dough
Call up my connect, get the powder in from Mexico
Late night, come across the border in the Chevy ho
Get it for the low, if you need a plug, let me know
I get it from him, you come to me for the petty coke
That's the way the cycle go around like a merry go
Round, put it down for my town, they already know
Every time I try to get away, I can't let it go
Plush lifestyle, fly cars and the pretty hoes (pretty hoes)
So play your distance by scenario (what's up?)
Load up the van, let's hit the highway, here we go (here we go)

We hit the road and get the snow money
Bring it home, take it to the mall, blow money
Hit the strip club, take it out, throw money
Then get back up on the road and get mo' money
Mo' money, mo' money, money, mo' (mo')
Mo' money, mo' money, money, mo' (mo')
Mo' money, mo' money, money, mo' (mo')
Mo' money, mo' money, money, mo' (mo')

You know it's "UGK 4 Life" and I'm a ride for that
Disrespect the game and I can't let you slide for that
It don't really matter where ya people try to hide ya at
'Cause I'm a find ya, pull up behind ya, apply the MAC
Milli on the really, (I'm a G), bonafide for that
Talkin' down on the Underground, you get denied for that
Where I come from, lot of pussy niggaz died for that (where?)
Port Arthur, Texas, I got a lot of pride for that (huh)
So when we hit the road, haters better hide your hat (why?)
We hittin' licks with them bricks and them ninety packs (damn)
I hit this over twenty bro, it ain't no lie to that
Sting 'em for 300K and now I got to ride it back (so what ya doin'?)
I'm lookin' for the laws, where ya hidin' at? (I see 'em)
Pull me over, I'm the decoy, fly for that (let's go)
Oh yeah, I'll take the speeding ticket, where ya sign for that?
'Cause the dope and money never in the car I'm ridin' at (ride it back)


And now we back up in the hood, where we 'sposed to be
In the back, countin' up them stacks that we 'sposed to see
Pussy ass niggaz (niggaz), ain't even gettin' close to me (at all)
They know I'd have they mama prayin' with a rosary (for real)
And I'm a put another hole where they nose should be
If they ever think of the position of opposin' me (damn)
A couple rounds plus a thought that probably froze 'em
we gon' lay a nigga down 'cause we (Feenin') like we Jodeci (hold up)
They on the streets talkin' 'bout that they exposin' me (what?)
Exposin' what? I'm a open book, close it G (close it)
You talkin' tough but we know you just posin' see
And I'm a leave 'em stiffer than a mannequin (with holes in he)
You ain't friends, then you foes with me
And we can go to war definitely nigga, not supposedly
I'm not your average, I'm the chosen G
And if your money ain't snow money, best to get it frozen G ('cause we)


Who Wrote Snow Money By Bun B?

Bernard Freeman, Steve Below

What's The Duration Of The Snow Money By Bun B?

The duration of Snow Money is 4:34 minutes and seconds.

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