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Strangers (Paranoid)

Strangers (Paranoid) Lyrics by Bun B
Strangers (Paranoid) Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Strangers (Paranoid) By Bun B?

Because I'm paranoid

Because I'm paranoid

Because I'm paranoid

No boundaries, no borders, we're crossing many waters
Them haters can't ignore us, the government record us
They used to take our sons and think it's fun to rape our daughters
No our health care system pitiful, that's how hospitals profitable
They try to put the drugs inside of you
Lie to you, say that you gonna die tomorrow
So why pay? That's not logical, see the bullshit that they try to pull?
They tapping laptops like a bad plot out of a bad movie
Obama say it ain't so
In a perfect world correlation of the willing is coalition of the rainbow
Who the enemy? Who the friend in need?
How do you choose your target, who you aim for, what you aim for?
Damn, still running with the race but I'm running out of pace
So fast just the last guy to let it go
Wondering if my concentration on the race misplaced
Take your marks, set, ready, go
Evolutionary flow, ever-luminary glow
When they show but the revolution never know

Shot to make you famous, we in your face with bangers
About to face some danger, I just misplace my anger
Violence entertainers, rappers took the place of Segas
Papa said don't talk to strangers, don't talk to strangers

Gotta let the people know from the get-go
Bun B is a product of the ghetto
Good or bad man I just can't let go
No I ain't a rich man but it's been set though
And I'm still on the grind trying to get dough
Why the government wanna keep me in debt for?
They wanna keep me in debt for?
Look at A-I-G and the bailouts
Stepping on the fish just so you can help the whale out
Got his ass out or should I say tail out
Need another job like a paper or a mail route
We the fresh, best in take the stale out
Make it rain, they see it I'm a put a pail out
Man I'm a put a pail out know what I'm saying?
Cause I'm stuck in the mud like a tractor
I ain't gotta lie plus I'm not a good actor
Bullshit laws that they enact to keep us locked out the big game in the back bru'
I got sacked, now I gotta get a sack ta
Make ends meet cause the money is a factor, oh yeah the money is a factor
Damn now I'm back on the block for the hustle
Used to be hot, now your boy just cold
Gotta build my bread up and my muscle
Haters talk down, sometimes it's a tussle
But the smoke gonna clear and the dust don't settle
Now it's like def jam wit no Russell
Like def jam wit no Russell
We'll be alright though


Who Wrote Strangers (Paranoid) By Bun B?

Bernard Freeman, Bill Conti, Talib Greene, Tony Cottrell

What's The Duration Of The Strangers (Paranoid) By Bun B?

The duration of Strangers (Paranoid) is 2:51 minutes and seconds.

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