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That's Gangsta

That's Gangsta Lyrics by Bun B
That's Gangsta Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For That's Gangsta By Bun B?

I'm a full time hustla posted on the block,
Got to get it how I live and I'm never going to stop.
Now that's gangsta, now that's gangsta
When me ride through the hood you can here the bass knock,
All me girls them love me have me have city locked
Now that's gangsta, now that's gangsta

[Verse 1]
Mane I'm a gangsta, g-a-n-g-s-t-a mane,
A gangsta the best to come up out of PA mane,
A gangsta seldom seen but always heard,
A real gangsta more than just a 7 letter word,
A gangsta ain't ya clothes,
A gangsta ain't ya hat, your watch ring your chain naw a gangsta ain't that,
A gangsta can have that but he ain't got to show it,
Cause with or without it hes still gangsta and you know it,
From my head to my toe with it it ain't to hard to see,
Said I'm a gangsta ain't too many as hard as me,
You claimin g but you ain't gangsta jack
So tell all them fake gangstas I'm coming to take gangsta back.


[Verse 2]
Mane I'm a gangsta now let me tell you what that means,
See I'm a gangsta always got my mind on my green,
And I'm a gangsta always gon do what I got to do,
Unless it's giving game to police and sellin' out his crew,
That's something gangstas don't do a gangsta keep it trill
A gangsta do a crime he do his time on the real,
A gangsta don't squeal and tell on everyone he know,
Put a jacket on ya boy you ain't a gangsta yous a hoe,
A gangsta hold his homeboys down when they gone,
A gangsta put him back on his feet when he home,
A gangsta is a homeboy that never turn his back,
On another real homie and that's a well known fact
That thats gangsta


[Verse 3]
Mane I'm a gangsta call me the hood superstar,
And I'm a gangsta ridin' in my candy painted car,
Cause see a gangsta always down to rep for his hood,
And to do a little bad so I can do a little good,
A gangsta don't forget where he came from
No matter where he go or where he been keep it gangsta till the end,
Cause I'm a gangsta and I'm a always love my city,
Make money but don't act like I'm above my city,
Cause gangstas will always give back to the ghetto,
And gangstas will never turn their back to the ghetto,
That's a fact in the ghetto, it's never been a lie,
So I'm a keep it gangsta till the day that I die.

Who Wrote That's Gangsta By Bun B?

Jonathan Rotem, Kisean Anderson, Bernard Freeman

What's The Duration Of The That's Gangsta By Bun B?

The duration of That's Gangsta is 3:24 minutes and seconds.

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