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Three Kings

Three Kings Lyrics by Bun B
Three Kings Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Three Kings By Bun B?

[Slim Thug][Hook: x 2]
When I hit the club all the girls show me love
While I'm at the bar, got drank by the jug
In the v.i.p with the chicks and the drugs
Its the T.I.P, Bun-be and Slim Thug

[Slim Thug] [Verse 1]
I got drank by the pint
Dro by the pound
Headed to the club in the boss top down
Slim Thug bout to clown represent H-town
If you love me you gon smile
If you hate me you gon frown
Cause me and my bosshoggs bout to ball till we fall
This year,I won't stall, Slim Thugga want it all
Goin solo, first cd out that nots slow-mo
here's another hit thanks to the drank and they do-do
Fa sho though we got the club shut down
Tryna pick which chick Ima cut now
Got a fetish for thick girls that's caramel brown
On a hunt and uggh guess what I just found
Come in v.i.p with me boo, while we post up
We blowin purple stuff we pourin purple stuff
We blowin rolled up stuff, ya can tell that we rich
It Slim Thugga, T.I.P and Bun-be bitch!

[T.I][Verse 2]
Ay ay ay
22's on a brand new Coupe wit no roof(roof)
A hundred and fifty doller tennis shoes, no suits
We some ballers pimp you oughta be followin our suits
No ad-libbin nigga jus do like I do(do)
don't get it confused but dude I'm not you (you)
If you ain't heard the news I'm known to speak truth (truth)
that's why I'm at the bar buyin all these green goose (ay ay ay)
Passin it to the wall but mayne is they loose
That ma nigga Slim Thug they mean what they do
Say the black one a slut but the red would cut too (too)
Give 'em number to the suite and tell 'em to fall threw (threw)
And tell that nigga ESG and Paul Wall too
I know Bun did had been fun wit them freaks, yeah(yeaaaaa)
Do it like a G for Screw and Pimp see
From the A but got all of Houston with me
At the superbowl full of ????? nigga!

[Bun-B][Verse 3]
We goin hard in the paint like Carmello (Carmello)
This is for the boys who sip purple and sip yellow (yellow)
Shorty shake ya jelly like jello (huh)
She curvy like a J.lo
Damn baby poke me off before I even said "hello" (said hello)
Is it the car, is it the ice is it the grill (is it the grill)
Cause I'm a star that pay the price to keep it trill (keep it trill)
She at the bar, she lookin nice, she on da pill
And she got two more wit her ready so tell me how you feel (hol up)
See pimpin ain't made nigga pimpin ain't raised nigga
Nigga pimpin is born
Pimpin since its early dayz (right)
These niggaz get to trippin playa pimpin ain't lazy
And if ya miss Pimp see throw up ya dueces and ya tres (mayne)
We thought of many ways and perfected the grind (grind)
Makin million dollas more six figa checks will get signed (signed)
Slim Thug you up next to shine and I can't even lie
Wit me and T.I.P you done wrecked 'em this time foo! (time foo)


Who Wrote Three Kings By Bun B?

Stayve Thomas

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