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Ciribiribin Lyrics by Bunny Berigan
Ciribiribin Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Ciribiribin By Bunny Berigan?

When the moon hangs low in Napoli, there's a handsome gondolier,
Every night he sings so happily, so his lady love can hear.
In a manner oh gravissimo, he repeats his serenade,
And his heart beats so fortissimo, when she raises her Venetian shade.
Ciribiribin, chiribiribin, ciribiribin.
Ciribiribin, he waits for her each night beneath her balcony.
Ciribiribin, he begs to hold her tight, but no, she won't agree.
Ciribiribin, she throws a rose and blows a kiss from up above,
Ciribiribin, ciribiribin, ciribiribin, they're so in love.
(musical interlude)
Ciribiribin, ciribiribin, ciribiribin, they're so in love.

Who Wrote Ciribiribin By Bunny Berigan?

Edgar Carver, Alberto Pestalozza

What's The Duration Of The Ciribiribin By Bunny Berigan?

The duration of Ciribiribin is 2:30 minutes and seconds.

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