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Liberation Lyrics by Bunny Wailer
Liberation Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Liberation By Bunny Wailer?

If you are living in a market place
And you're no buyer or seller.
You'll find yourself left in space
Subject to be bought or sold.
If you are living in a tenant yard
And you are not the land owner.
You'll get a notice from your landlord
To leave sooner or later.

So what you need is liberation.
Everyone need it. Liberation.
The young and old they need liberation.
Let's come together for the liberation.
If you are in bondage. Liberation.
If you are not free you need liberation.
Lets unite for the liberation.
Everyone need it. Liberation.

If you are dwelling on a piece of land
And are not the land owner.
You can be sure that the government man
Is gonna label you a squatter.
If you are an alien in a far country

And you are treated as a stranger.
You don't belong to that society
You could a end up in danger.

If you are caught between church and state
And you are feeling the pressure.
You got to get out before it's too late
Or you got to work without pleasure.
And if you borrow and you can't pay
Don't bother sit there and wonder.
Your revenue and budget could be taken away
And you belly could a end up with hunger.

If you are working on a plantation
And you are not the boss-man.
Don't ever rest from being tired
Or you could get fired.
If you don't belong to one party
And you belong to another.
You are subversive to unity
And no man is your brother.

Who Wrote Liberation By Bunny Wailer?

Neville Oril Livingston

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