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The River

The River Lyrics by Chely Wright
The River Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For The River By Chely Wright?

On a Friday night where I grew up there ain't a whole lot you can do
The same old faces, the same old places, ain't nothin' ever new
After the football game we'd hang around the high school parkin' lot
Then we'd pile into a couple of cars and head off to our favorite spot
Down to the river
We went to the river

My sophomore year was a carbon copy of the ones that came before
Until that night in late November that shook us all down to the core
We'd won the game by twenty points, couldn't wait to celebrate
But our lead car was goin' way to fast and they didn't even hit the brakes
They went into the river
Deep in the river

We buried Laurie Maybrie in the clothes that she'd been wearin'
Her cheerleader outfit never looked so outta place
That sweater and that pleated skirt of blue and white and crimson
Just didn't belong in that shiny silver case

I moved here to Nashville on May 12 of '89
And I started gettin' letters once a week from this friend a mine
I'd gone to school with Christine Thorough from kindergarten on
She'd say, "Hang in there 'cause I just know you're gonna be a star"

She and her boyfriend and a couple a kids I guess she met through him
Set out for the merazine to try to cool off by takin' a swim
There'd been a lotta rain that summer and the current was too strong
I heard that they did all they could but Christine, she was gone
Into the river
She died there in the river

I was baptized in that same water, gave my soul to Jesus
How can such a peaceful place be filled with so much pain?
Cause two young mothers lost their daughters right there for no reason
I swear I'll never go down there again
Back to the river
That mean old river
That beautiful river
That damn old river

Who Wrote The River By Chely Wright?

Chely Wright

What's The Duration Of The The River By Chely Wright?

The duration of The River is 6:29 minutes and seconds.

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